The United Way and St. Thomas University Team Up!

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Jessica Hughes The Director of Community Impact with The United Way talks to St. Thomas University Students at The Ville Cooperative about volunteering and the need for community involvement. 


When we heard that St. Thomas University was teaming up with The United Way to help out at The Ville Cooperative, we had to be there! What an amazing collaboration! This is what community is all about!

Taking action is something that people are starting to do a lot more these days. It can be on a large scale like raising funds nationally, or it can look like picking up a paintbrush and helping to brighten up a building. The students of Saint Thomas University learned that even the latter makes a big difference during their STUcares day as they teamed up with The United Way.

It wasn’t just the walls of The Ville that were getting brightened on Saturday though. As we walked through the halls of the building watching students work together to make a difference, you could see their day was also being brightened. That positivity reflects back out into our city. “Fredericton is just such a great community, I love being here and I really try to do what I can to get involved and see what’s going on. It’s nice to be in a place where there’s all these opportunities to get involved.” Said Hailey Hughes, a student of St. Thomas.

This is the second day of action put on by The United Way teaming up with STU. The first year, many who signed up didn’t end up attending the event. That wasn’t the case this time around as almost all the students who signed up came out to participate, most didn’t even want to leave when their volunteer time was done. “Students are already saying, do we have to leave yet, can we stay longer, So we’re trying to figure out how to get them back here. That’s basically the outcome that we wanted, we wanted students to want to come back and continue the engagement.” Said Jessica Hughes.

“It’s not just building of the community but you’re also building relationships with people outside of your little bubble in residency.” Said Rebecca Ferris on why the day is so important for students.

There certainly is no better place to receive the volunteer hours of these awesome students than The Ville Cooperative! Located in Marysville, they offer the opportunity to learn, share and grow. It’s a place to encourage and support community members to utilize their strengths and gifts in improvement of day to day life in the community through arts and culture.


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