Star Wars Takes Over!

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BB8 and R2D2 hanging out at The James Joyce Pub in Fredericton NB.

Watch Video Below! 

It doesn’t get much better than combining the awesomeness of Star Wars and the Importance of fundraising. Especially when raising funds for something like the Make a Wish Foundation! That’s exactly what happened recently at The Crowne Plaza in Fredericton in their James Joyce Pub! It was a sight to behold. A star trek character even snuck into the mix proving that a good cause will bring people together from all walks of life, or parts of the universe!

Another highlight of the night was seeing the working droids that Cory Pacione, a Fredericton resident, built from scratch. These things look like they were pulled right off the screen from the movie. What Star Wars fan doesn’t want to hang out with their very own droid? Awesome work Cory!

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