Skateboarders and Artists team up for unique fundraiser!

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Deanna Musgrave, organizer for the Concrete: Art Fundraiser for the Isaac Miller Memorial Skatepark, stands in front of skateboards at the Fredericton Playhouse that have been painted and transformed by artists to raise funds for a local Skate Park. 

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“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” Helen Keller

There’s nothing more beautiful than when people come together for a cause. When you walk into the Playhouse on Queen street in Fredericton you see what that beauty looks like.

Hanging on the walls are around seventy uniquely transformed skateboards, all done by individual artists from around NB and all to raise funds to build a world class skateboard park in Fredericton.

“A quality skatepark has become a necessary piece of infrastructure for recreational purposes in any city” Said Marc Landry, who was a part of collecting all the boards, each from a skateboarder who actually used it.

You can see dents and chips in each board which brings them all a unique life of their own. “It’s really inspiring, seventy artists. I don’t know if I’ve been to a fundraiser that has had that many artists.” Said Deanna who not only wants to see a great skateboard park for the kids in the city because it’s what they deserve, she is also motivated by the loss of her Step Son Isaac Miller who the fundraiser is named after.

Isaac was a skateboarder and artist who paired the two loves in his own life. “Isaac was very important to me and I feel that he made a huge impact on the community.” said Deanna, “I think people are so emotional about his passing because he cared so much and I think that sensitivity fuelled that caring and that vibe that everyone talks about, that energetic vibe that created positivity wherever he went. I think it was the skateboarding that kept that sensitivity grounded. I just want that for all the children in New Brunswick.” 

Many cities around New Brunswick, Saint John and Moncton for example, already have beautiful parks that are free for the kids to use. “We want to bring the city (Fredericton) up to speed with what other communities are doing.” Said Landry.

If you would like to support this cause by bidding on one of these unique pieces of art, the fundraiser continues until Wednesday June 3rd at 12pm and bids can be made on Facebook by searchingConcrete: Art Fundraiser for the Isaac Miller Memorial Skatepark. The Final Bids can be made in person at the closing event and silent auction on June 3rd from 5:00-7:00pm. Bidding will begin closing at 6:00pm during the final event.

“I’m really overwhelmed by all the support from all these artists, some of whom knew Isaac quite well, some of whom maybe only just slightly heard of him. People really identify with what they knew about him and they’re really honouring his spirit but also people realize how important a skatepark is to a community and how Fredericton needs that.” Said Andrew Miller, Isaac’s Father.

for more information on this event you can contact Deanna at

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