Running Across Canada and Back! Take 2

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It was a windy and freezing cold day overlooking the Saint John river in Fredericton New Brunswick, but that didn’t stop Edward Dostaler aka Fast Eddy, from talking to us a second time about his run across Canada and back to support research for Breast Cancer and Alzheimers. Actually after getting to know him, it’s clear that not much stops Eddy.

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He’s finally on his return trip to BC after running across Canada once already. As we chatted with Eddy we found out he had originally planned to be home the day we spoke but now would at least like to make it home for Christmas this year. He spent the last one alone in a tent.


Eddy pictured here, trying to stay warm in a tent Christmas 2015.

It becomes quite apparent while talking to Eddy that he’s a unique and driven individual. It’s often easy to meet a person and not fully take in who they really are. I admittedly have a hard time even comprehending the journey he’s been on. So who is Edward Dostaler?

Well, he’s a self professed regular guy who wants to make a difference. He’s a guy who’s been out sacrificing his time and his body, not only to raise money and awareness for two very important causes, but also to inspire others to do the same. He’s humble and easy to talk to and he has a dream that one day, things like Alzheimer’s and breast cancer will just be a part of our history, no longer in our present. Let’s not forget he’s also run some 30,000 KM solo and unsupported. He’s seen our beautiful country in ways that most of us never will but he’s out there on the roads by himself the majority of the time.

He admits it’s lonely and that it’s become a struggle to keep going. Financially and also mentally. He thought when he started he would have a little more support but also sees this as a positive because it allows him to keep it more intimate with those he meets which is a huge part of what motivates him. According to Eddy, he wouldn’t still be running if it wasn’t for those people.  “The only thing that’s kept this run going is people, I don’t care if you’re from the east or the west. We all share one common trait and that’s wanting to help other ones.” 

That’s not to say Eddy couldn’t use more support. He’s sticking around in NB for a little while to try to fund raise so he can continue the run and any little bit counts.

He’s also stopped at schools along the way to try to inspire young people. He loves talking to kids because of their honesty and has been asked some pretty tough questions. Including one kid who asked him if he thought his run was successful so far. He certainly believes it has been and I would agree with him. Seeing Eddy keep pushing has inspired me and hopefully it will inspire you as well. As Eddy says, “If you want to do something, get out there. Do a bake sale, wash a car. Doesn’t matter as long as it helps out the causes.”

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