Local theatre company let’s teens take charge!

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Ady King took a little time out of directing rehearsals to talk to us about what makes 13 The Musical so special. 



Branch out Productions is a community theatre company seeking to create productions for the whole family that are affordable yet still top quality, but for 13 The Musical, things are a little different.

The Musical centres around a 13 year old who is struggling with the changes that growing up can bring, so at Branch out Productions they decided to let a 13 year old and first time director, Ady King, direct it.

Once Ady was on board she had a great idea, Why not give some of the proceeds to a cause that helps struggling youth? They decided on a charity, the local food bank.

Watching the kids rehearse, it’s obvious this is going to be a very fun production to watch. Lot’s of dancing, singing and the awkwardness that comes from becoming a teenager. Things I’m sure most of us remember all too well.

Ady is not new to theatre. She has been a member of TNB and many other local theatre groups and has been acting for most of her life. She is given an extra boost of confidence by veteran Branch Out director, Ben Harrison, who is also the Creative Director for Branch Out Productions.

The show is rated PG and described as full of teen angst, drama, whining and those hilarious parts of growing up with some language.

The show runs from June 25th to the 27th, 7pm at the Tom Morrison Theatre FHS.

To purchase tickets online please go to www.branchoutproductions.org

Tickets purchased online include a $2 processing fee
Tickets purchased online will be available for pick up on the evening of the performance 1/2 hour before the show. If you would prefer them be sent to you please email : Branchoutproductions@live.ca

You can also purchase ticket at the door for $20.00


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