Local hotel is the first in the world to do this!

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Crystal Shaw, Dining Room Supervisor at the Crowne Plaza, talked to us the other day about something special that is happening on the roof of the Hotel



The Crowne Plaza in Fredericton is using their roof top for something most haven’t even thought of. It’s not just keeping the rain out. Their roof has been transformed into a garden that produces vegetables which then get used in most of their cooking. If that wasn’t amazing enough, they recently added bee hives to produce their own honey. The honey is now being used to produce mead that is served at the Crowne.

They are currently the only hotel in the world taking honey from their own roof top and making mead from it. They have also just adapted a whole new concept for their dining room called farm to table where they use many local farms and breweries for their foods and beers.

It doesn’t stop there. They are looking to consistently be at the cutting edge of new ways to use the community in their endeavours. With all they are doing it is definitely worth a visit to the Crowne Plaza for a meal and a glass of mead, and hey, you can just look up to see where it came from.




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