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Maria Johnston and Maegan Witherell founders of Linking Lives Inc. talked to us the other day about the need for supporting each other and getting back to our community roots to help fight conditions of poverty.

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When a Mother and daughter with hearts as big as Maegan Witherell and Maria Johnston team up, powerful things get done. That’s just what’s happened for this Fredericton dynamic duo who have decided to tackle issues related to poverty. Linking Lives Inc. is a fairly new non profit but they are already helping with many issues in our community and connecting those in need to those who can help. “That’s a big part of our vision is linking real live people supports with the people that need them.” Said Maria.

Helping those in need doesn’t have to be complicated, sometimes it can be as simple as bringing some food items to someone who’s hungry. Once the person is connected to those willing to help, it creates a network they can begin to rely on. Recently they were able to pull some resources together to help a young boy celebrate his birthday when the mother expressed she was worried people may not attend. They have many stories of using the resources and people around them to help meet needs of those in the community. Like the woman who wanted to lose weight but couldn’t afford exercise equipment. They were able to find her a treadmill.

It’s not rocket science to help others, it’s really just seeing those in need and doing what you can to help. “That’s what we’re trying to establish, a return to that sense of community where you can call on your neighbour. It can be so simple. Maegan will put a post out that says I need ten people to donate twenty dollars to cover a power bill. Usually with in eight to twelve hours we will have that.” Said Maria.

When asked why they have such a desire to help others, Maegan had a more personal answer. “I would say growing up and experiencing poverty first hand played a huge role in my passion for what we’re doing for sure, and the desire to not see people in the community going with out.”

Both Maria and Maegan have experience in non profits which has helped them establish a network quickly and know where most of the needs are.

They say super heroes are only in movies and comic books but I think we have two real life super heroes in Maria and Maegan. Hopefully they inspire more like minded individuals and then the vision of Linking Lives will become a reality.

If you would like to support Linking Lives Inc. or find out more you can check out their facebook group – Linking Lives on Facebook

Check out their Blog – Linking Lives WordPress


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