The Fredericton Crowne Plaza gives back to SPCA!

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Dan Myers the General Manager of The Crowne Plaza gives a check for five thousand dollars to Karen McGeean Director of Marketing and Development for the Fredericton SPCA as Stephanie Taylor SPCA volunteer, Geoff Gallant Hotel Manager, Chris Cornhill Food and Beverage Manager and Chris Coles Assistant Food and Beverage Manager look on. The Crowne Plaza raised the money this past summer by collecting two dollars for every person that took a tour of the Lighthouse on the Green’s Museum. 




When a local business gets behind a local charity, it’s a match made in heaven. These partnerships are lasting ones and are a huge benefit to both parties. A great example of this is the new partnership between The Crowne Plaza in Fredericton and The Fredericton SPCA!

After a summer of raising just a toonie per person who took the tour The Lighthouse on the Green’s Museum, The Crowne Plaza has raised five thousand dollars! This goes a long way for the local SPCA, who can always use the help from the community.

Stephanie Taylor, a long time SPCA volunteer couldn’t be more pleased with the response from the community, “People in Fredericton have always risen to the challenge when it comes to advocating for animals. It really is a city of animal lovers!” 

A toonie seems like a small amount of money on it’s own but when enough people get behind something, it adds up fast! This is the kind of positive impact we can have as a city on a local cause and it doesn’t get much better than helping animals in need.

Dan Myers the General Manager of The Crowne Plaza was thrilled when Food and Beverage Manager Chris Cornhill suggested The Fredericton SPCA as a charity to partner with. “I am an avid dog lover and animals just thrill me so this is a really great connection with the city as well, it touches so many peoples hearts.” Said Myers.

This is just the beginning of the partnership between The Crowne and the SPCA, so keep your eyes open for new creative ways to support animals in our friendly city!

You can find out more about the SPCA by visiting or calling or emailing them.

Tel: (506) 459-1555


There are always ways you can help out!






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