Joyce King, The Queen of Arm Wrestling!

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Champion Arm Wrestler Joyce King talked to us the other day about the sport she loves, beating the best in the world and how she hopes to help arm wrestling become more recognized in NB.

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When we drove to Lower Hainesville to meet Joyce King, one of the best arm wrestlers in the world, we weren’t really sure what to expect. What we found was warm NB hospitality, a family who clearly loves hanging out and training together and a shared passion for  the same sport. You might think that in New Brunswick I would be talking about a hockey family but the King’s aren’t into a stereotypical sport, almost all the King’s are really really good competitive arm wrestlers.

They train together once a week at their home and welcome all newcomers to literally try their hand at a new type of challenge. Always willing to teach the tricks of the trade and support those who think they would like to give it a shot. In fact they would all love to see the sport grow here in New Brunswick and to hopefully have a team together for the nationals in Nova Scotia next year.

Joyce, the matriarch of the family, is driven and competitive by nature and quickly fell in love with arm wrestling when she started in her thirties. She has since won 13 world titles and 18 national titles. She’s won so many medals and trophies, their home is filled with them. She’s traveled the world and met many amazing people and had countless memorable experiences, none make her more proud than the time she beat the undefeated, reigning Russian heavyweight champ in Las Vegas to become the best in the world in 2006.

Although beating the Russian champ made Joyce proud, watching her help train her Grandkids as well as kids is the definition of pride. Her Granddaughter Hailey has a great role model and looks up to her Grammy and says she would like to be as good as her one day. She’s off to a good start with several awards already.

The King’s are an amazingly humble and welcoming family, they could very well be celebrities with their own tv show but for now they are content promoting arm wrestling and striving to make more of a name for the sport in NB.

To find out more check out their page on Facebook NB ARMS



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