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Chloé Doiron puts one more block of cheese into a full fridge at École Sainte-Anne.

“People are starting to realize they can make a difference just by doing a simple thing like donating a block of cheese.” Chloé Doiron, École Sainte-Anne student. 

Walking through the halls of École Sainte-Anne, it’s easy to feel the love. Along the walls and lockers are many bright coloured posters of events and upcoming fundraisers for the community. Just one of those currently taking place is a initiative called “J’aime mon fromage” or “I love my cheese”.

The goal of this fundraiser isn’t large quantities of money but something much more straight forward, the school collects as many blocks of cheese as it can and gives them to the local homeless shelter and food kitchen to help with meals. “We’ve been doing this for four years now, every year our goal gets a little bigger.” said Chloé Doiron, one of the students involved with this endeavour. “We started with one hundred and fifty blocks of cheese as a goal, then we moved up to three hundred and sixty and now it’s five hundred.” 

Something the homeless shelter can always use is donations of food and as Chloé notes, “Cheese is a very expensive product, but cheese is very useful in many meals, we don’t always realize it but it really is. You can’t make pizza with out cheese or lasagna with out cheese.” 

the homeless shelters provided shelter for 262 men and women in 2012. Feeding those who are in need remains an ongoing challenge. George Piers, acting Director says over 100 people show up looking for supper on any given night. They don’t always have sufficient food to feed all of these people and they rely heavily on the community to donate what is needed. It’s amazing that schools like École Sainte-Anne have stepped up to the plate.

“We’re part of the community and I think everybody in the community should just help out each other.”  said Chloé matter-of-factly. Imagine if we all thought like this and then also put it into action like the students at ESA. Maybe we could eliminate the worry that meals may not be met. We could definitely learn from these young people and their attitude towards the community.

It’s clear when you see the smiles on their faces that being involved with helping others means a lot to these students. “What we really want to do is go there and help and be more hands on with this project. So we’re going to go there (the shelter) I think like twelve of us and peel potatoes or whatever they want us to do.” said Madison Prudencio, another one of the students involved with J’aime mon fromage.

When all was said and done and the cheese had been counted, the school collected far beyond their goal of five hundred blocks and ended up with over seven hundred blocks of cheese! Enough to hopefully last the shelter until December of 2015 at which time École Sainte-Anne will go into action again and who knows how many blocks of cheese they will collect in 2015/16.

If you would like to contact the local shelter you can call: 506-450-1102 or E-mail:

You can also drop off non perishable food items at JoyFM: 778 MacLaren Ave Fredericton, NB E3A 3L7 or call: (506)454-9600

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