Inspiration, Cory’s Story!

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Cory Edmondson was told he would probably never drive again. That certainly gives context to the huge smile on his face while about to take his side by side for a drive. That’s not all by the way, he has also just recently gotten his full drivers license. 




June 30th 2010 changed everything for Cory. He was in a very serious motorcycle accident with his son Cole. The doctors told Cory’s mom that he may never walk or talk again.

Fast forward 5 years to Cory out on some muddy trails in his side by side, or swimming in his pool and you can see why Cory is such an inspiration to all those around him. He says he feels stronger every day and that being a better man for his son is what drives him to keep overcoming obstacles.






2 thoughts on “Inspiration, Cory’s Story!

  1. Very inspiring story. These are the heros of our city. God bless Cory as he continues to grow stronger!

  2. great story and great people

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