Friendly Tens – Top ten places to drink a fall Latte!

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Our Top Tens Correspondent Justin Dutcher hit the streets for our very first top tens list, places to drink a fall latte in the city! He had a blast doing it, but may have had a little too much latte. 

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It’s that time of year. The time of year when all the local coffee shops are running low on pumpkin spice mix and people are jittering around the streets, blood pumping with that tasty caffein combination.

At Friendly Fred we decided to do our first top tens list on that seasonal favourite drink. We didn’t just want to simply talk about different fall drinks though, we want to share some history about our friendly city!

We will be bringing you lots of informative Top Tens lists in the future. So keep your eyes open for the next one or feel free to let us know a top tens list you would like to see!

Editors Note: Our list is better read while sipping a fall latte.

The list is in no particular order and we started at number one. With out further ado, here’s the list!

1. Downtown Fredericton – Downtown Fredericton is a thriving district overlooking the scenic St. John River home to over 30 restaurants, cafes, and one of a kind retailers. The name was shortened to Fredericton shortly after the city became the official provincial capital of New Brunswick on 25 April 1785. Thus, in a period of less than three years, the area of Fredericton went from being a sparsely populated region to being the capital of the new colony of New Brunswick.


2. Odell Park – Officially proclaimed in 1954 this centrepiece of the City’s parklands is the highly acclaimed Odell Park, renowned as one of the most beautiful parks of its kind in Canada. Among the many distinguishing features of this 400 acre park are woodlands and fields that once formed the estate of Reverend Jonathan Odell. People find space to play and commune with nature in all seasons of the year. The Odell family called their vast estate Rookwood, a name which today survives on the avenue leading to Odell Park’s main entrance.


3. Officer Square – Officers’ Square in the Historic Garrison District named ‘Top 10 Public Spaces in Canada’ (Cdn Institute of Planners 2011)  This complex of buildings was established by the British Government as the base for their army’s military presence in Central New Brunswick. The Compound was established in 1785 and once contained several buildings. Only 4 of those military buildings remain today; the Soldiers’ barracks, the Guardhouse, the Officers’ Quarters and the Militia stores buidling. In 1964, it was the first of three buildings that were declared National Historic Sites.
4. Board walk on the north side – This is a bit of a hidden gem on the walkways of fredericton. It’s a beautiful boardwalk that leads out into a marsh area where there are many different species of wildlife. To find it you have to head behind the Superstore on the north side and walk on the trail, towards the Westmoreland bridge. You will see the boardwalk to your left.


5. The Lighthouse on the Green – built in 1989 for a boat tour business, It is now operated by the Crowne Plaza Lord Beaverbrook Hotel. They’ve turned it into a licensed food and beverage patio. Just this past summer the Lighthouse was used as a way to raise funds for the Fredericton SPCA. As people took the two dollar walk up the lighthouse (Which is also a museum) all the money went to the local SPCA.


6. Christ Church Cathedral – This amazing example of gothic architecture stands sixty meters tall and was modeled after St. Mary’s, Snettisham, Norfolk. Construction of the cathedral began in 1845 and it was consecrated in 1853.


7. Marysville cotton mill – “Boss” Gibson built this cotton mill between 1883 and 1885. Designed by the Boston architectural firm of Lockwood, Greene and Company Mill Architects and Engineers, the construction of the mill was influenced by New England models and is a classic example of the brick “insurance mill” of the late 19th-century.


8. UNB Campus – In 1829, what is now UNB was opened as King’s College and the building now known as Sir Howard Douglas Hall was officially opened. It is the oldest English language university in canada and is home to some world renowned faculties.


9. Boat Landing (North Side) – This beautiful spot is very active at all times in the year! It’s the perfect place to put in a kayak, boat or SeaDo for a scenic boat excursion down the St. John river. It’s also a beautiful place to watch the sunset over the city!


10. Bill Thorpe Walking bridge – On June 7, 2008 the bridge was renamed the Bill Thorpe Walking Bridge, after a founder of the Fredericton Trail System. Construction began in 1887 with the laying of the first foundation stone, assisted by Prime Minister of Canada, Sir John A. Macdonald and his wife Lady Macdonald. The bridge was operational in 1889 and was a subsidiary company to the Northern and Western Railway.


Well there you have it folks! Our very first top tens list! We hope you enjoyed it and maybe learned a little about our city too!

Stay tuned for lots more!


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