Friendly Streets episode 5 Market Edition

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We were handing out Tim’s cards and talking to people about the north side market this past Sunday. 

Our very own Leah Legacy was at the north side market this past Sunday and ran into some very friendly people! We will be going to different markets in the area for the next few segments of Friendly Streets! Stay Friendly Folks!

Watch the video below! 




4 thoughts on “Friendly Streets episode 5 Market Edition

  1. As someone who goes to the Northside Market regularly, I appreciated seeing your piece on it. I would suggest, however, that you consider giving out market money or downtown dollars instead of just Tim Horton’s cards. I know Tim’s cards are easy, but for the same amount of money people could have supported local businesses instead and it would have been extra, free advertising for them as well. At the Northside Market, I’m Here and I’m Hungry oatcakes come to mind as a great non-Tims option, and there are several other vendors who offer similar products that are of a much higher quality than Tim’s.

    Thanks for putting the emphasis on local!

    Katie Jewett

    1. Thank you Katie! You are right, that is a great idea! Glad you enjoyed it! We will be at the south side market this Saturday. :)

  2. We are fortunate to have 2 markets in the city and so glad that Friendly Fred is highlighting them. So many wonderful vendors. We live in an incredible city filled with friendly, talented, creative amazing people. Thanks Friendly Fred for spreading good news and reminding us to appreciate our city and to stay friendly. It does matter! It does make a difference.

  3. There are loads of markets close by. Oromocto has a market cooperative that is run by the vendors for the community. We are operating on the 1st Sunday of the month, every month. This Sunday, May 3rd, is our 1 year anniversary of our grand opening. We are a small community market that gives back. We sponsor families in need. This month we will be helping to raise money for a local family with a sick child in need of funds for some very costly medications. You really should come and check us out. We are the little market that could. Hazen Park Center from 10-2.

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