Friendly Streets, Harvest time!

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Our very own Friendly Streets correspondent, Leah Legacy, was downtown on Saturday to take in a little Harvest Jazz and Blues and talk to some attendees. She also caught up with Paul from Feels Good and chatted about their event in cooperation with Harvest, “Feels Good in The Barracks.”  


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If you live in Fredericton, or you have passed through in the early fall, you would know that it’s a very special time in the city. The downtown comes alive with music, street performers, venders and so much more. For one whole week the city celebrates with the Harvest Jazz and Blues Festival.

The festival was founded in 1991 and back then it spanned 4 days, had 9,500 patrons, 25 musical acts and 17 venues around downtown Fredericton. By the year 2000 The number of community members who volunteer for the Festival had already risen to 400, which is a five-fold increase from 1991.

Now, 25 years later, the festival has grown substantially to being Atlantic Canada’s largest jazz and blues festival which now spans 6 days with 400+ performances, 27 stages and 6 city blocks!

One of the calling cards of Harvest is the exceptional maritime hospitality provided to patrons and artists alike. It feels much more intimate than some other festivals because the biggest venues only hold a couple thousand people. This ensures that you are always close to the action. The festival boasts that it’s audiences are, “A fleece-wearing, beer drinking, music loving kind of crowd whose enthusiasm blows the artists away and brings out the best performance in them.”

Harvest Jazz and Blues really does invigorate the city with an exciting energy! You can hear it’s music almost anywhere in Fredericton which means everyone really does feel a part of this event.


For locals and visitors alike, Harvest week is a highly anticipated time for socializing, taking in some amazing bands, and celebrating our community! Very Friendly!

If you would like to get involved with the festival, they are always looking for new and enthusiastic volunteers! You can register starting in July on the website in the “Volunteer” section.  This is the only place you can sign up to volunteer. If you have a question about volunteer opportunities, Email



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  1. You really captured the positive vib of our wonderful downtown during Harvest Jazz and Blues. Great job Leah and Joel!! I really enjoy viewing what is on Friendly Fred as it always uplifts and encourages and reminds me of all the incredible people in our city. Staying Friendly is a great way to live!!!! Thanks again for keeping that challenge before us!

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