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Rivers Corbett sat down and talked to us the other day at one of the Fredericton Relish Gourmet Burgers locations. 

At Friendly Fred we believe some of the most interesting people live right in our own back yards!  

Here it is friendly people! Our first instalment of the new series “Friendly Profiles”, where we get to know some amazing people in and around the community!

You want to talk about passion?

We had the privilege of talking to entrepreneur, business owner and all around awesome guy, Rivers Corbett about everything from sports teams, to hidden gems in the Fredericton area! You don’t want to miss some of the inspirational stuff Rivers has to share!

Check back every other Thursday to hear from more amazing people!

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2 thoughts on “Friendly Profiles Rivers Corbett

  1. Love this man’s passion for life and business. Everyday is a gift… Live it to the fullest and don’t waste a precious moment of it. Very inspirational!

  2. I have great respect for Rivers. He makes a couple of awesome quotes in this video. “Today is what you need to be happy in.” Love it!
    A great “first profile” FriendlyFred. Thx,

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