Fredericton’s Ginger Design gives back to the community!

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We had a chance to talk to Andrew Bedford and some of his crew at Ginger design about their decision to give 5% of profits over 5 years to the Fredericton Community Foundation. 

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More and more, businesses are realizing how simply operating isn’t nearly as fulfilling as getting out there, getting involved and giving back to the community. Ginger Design, a digital marketing company out of Fredericton NB, is on the forefront of being a business with a great community impact!

“When I founded Ginger, one of the core mission values was to value and support the community. That’s always been part of our mission statement from day one. That philosophy, work hard, be nice philosophy has always been part of the business right from the get go.” Said Andrew Bedford, the founder of Ginger Design.

So they decided to try to give in a way that they felt would have the most impact. They chose The Fredericton Community Foundation, an organization that enhances and strengthens the quality of life of all citizens in the Greater Fredericton Region by bridging caring donors to the needs and interests of the community.

The Percentage of the donation was no accident either as Andrew explained, “To celebrate our fifth year anniversary, we’ve committed to doing 5% of our proceeds donated at the end of every year to the community foundation and we’re going to do that 5 years in a row and hopefully it continues beyond that.” 

But it’s not just wanting to do good that the folks at Ginger have in mind. It’s also about inspiring others, individuals and businesses to do the same. “As a person who lives in the community, a business owner or not, we want to challenge people to do something. It doesn’t have to be money, you can volunteer. There’s lot’s of organizations that need volunteers, an extra set of hands. We want to set an example and challenge the community to do that in one way or another.” Said Kerry Wells, Director of Smooth Operations at Ginger.

Tim Fox the executive director of the Fredericton Community Foundation was more than thrilled to have the support of Ginger design, “We were so excited when I got the call from Andrew saying that he was interested in doing this. This is a fund that will allow us to be able to give grants out to organizations that apply to us a couple of times a year to do the projects that the community needs.” Said Fox.

Hopefully this is the beginning of more working together on the part of businesses, people and the community we live in. It always starts somewhere and Tim hopes it gets the ball rolling, “This is the first time we’ve had a business come to us and say we’re going to put a percentage of our business into the community. that really sets an amazing example for other businesses to follow.”

If you are reading this and feeling inspired, Just simply try asking yourself, What is something I’m passionate about and how can I use that to help others? You can always contact an organization and ask if they need anything or just make an effort to smile more. As Andrew says, “There’s a million and one ways to do good in the world, as long as we’re doing something. At the end of the day it builds healthier community and healthier businesses. There’s no harm in doing good.” 

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  1. Thanks for this great story! Ginger Design is making an impact statement by this commitment and we truly appreciate this tremendous gift to the community!

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