Fredericton Author finishes first book, “There and Back Again, A Herman Tale”

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First time author Paul McAllister talked to us the other day about his book “There and Back Again, A Herman Tale.” Funds are currently being raised on Indiegogo.  


There are many fulfilling things about writing a children’s book but it also presents a unique set of challenges. Paul McAllister has learned a lot about both the former and the latter in the last little while. From starting his own publishing company to seeking out and finding a local artist to illustrate his book, it isn’t just Herman’s Tale anymore. It’s the story of making a dream become reality for Paul.

Paul says he has always been a big fan of monsters, silly monsters mostly. From a very early age he would study every book, movie or television show that referenced monsters in any way, shape or form. This life long obsession sparked in his mind, the image of Herman. “I’ve always been into telling stories and I still have a deep love for children’s books and I always felt like I had these stories to tell. Specifically the story about Herman which has been rattling around in my brain for a couple years now.” Said McAllister.

That image rattling around in his brain didn’t become a reality until he connected with local artist Emily Brown. He had heard her name from several friends but it wasn’t until he saw her renderings of Herman that he knew she was the perfect fit. “She messaged me, pitched me some images and it was perfect. You couldn’t ask for a more appropriate Herman.” 

Emily describes herself as being inspired by cartoons, comics, and the nostalgia of childhood. She works with mediums from pixels to paint and everything in between and her work has been described as “Cozy-with-the-shivers”.



“He’s an under the bed monster so his job is to sneak around and make the shadows dance and the floor boards creek. Once he’s finished doing his job he stares out the window longingly at the street monsters outside and he wishes he could join them.” 

Once the book is published Paul has some great ideas for the future. He is already thinking of a second book. “The long term is to create a whole series, Ive got a second book in my head already entitled A New Song for Herman. We really want to run with this because it’s a universe that has a lot of stories to tell.”  

The team also wants to give back with the project and promote literacy in the province. For every book sold they plan to donate a dollar to the Elementary Literacy Friends program here in NB. They would like to continue that for the whole series if possible.

The journey for Paul and Emily is just beginning, with a lot of adventures and smiling kids on the horizon. To find out more about Herman’s adventure you will have to wait until around christmas time. Paul hopes to have the book available mid December so it can be given for a christmas gift.

To find out more or donate to the project (Which includes many perks)  CLICK HERE



One thought on “Fredericton Author finishes first book, “There and Back Again, A Herman Tale”

  1. I met Herman long, long ago. He would hide under my bed until I was asleep and then use his big feet to push up on the bottom of my mattress — or open the bottom drawer of my dresser and throw things all over my room – or pull the sheets off my bed. And when I tried to escape and run down the hall to my parents room, Herman would slam the door. I haven’t read the book but it sounds like Herman is still up to mischief. Please pass on a message to Mr. McAllister to tell both sides of the story. Okay, so I may have been a brat to my 3 younger brothers (two were twins), but I still watched out for them and took on a nasty bully once who was tormenting them and got punched in the nose for my trouble. Congratulations Paul McAllister. I may have the good luck to move to Fredericton in the near future. Maybe you can introduce me to Herman and we can have a real heart -to-monster talk.

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