Fashion for Paws’ Sake!

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We were at the Delta Fredericton this past week for the Fashion for Paws’ Sake fundraising event! It was a howling good time! 


As the dogs and owners came down the runway, it was impossible not to smile. It is a great event to show the bond between human and animal. We are a culture who loves our pets and we love to show them off. Sometimes though, people forget that many animals are still mistreated and abandoned or abused by their owners. This is something the Fredericton SPCA takes a strong stand against.

The SPCA helps many animals in transition. When they have no place to go or are in poor health, the many volunteers at the SPCA step in. It isn’t cheap to care for so many animals and the Fashion for Paws’ Sake event is a great way to bring awareness to the need!

If you would like to get involved, make a donation, or just take a dog for a walk…

Please contact the Fredericton SPCA    Tel: 506-459-1555




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