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We had the pleasure of meeting Rachelle Robichaud the other day and talking to her about her amazing business “Daisies for Determination” which makes and sells bracelets to promote positive mental health while raising money for the Canadian Mental Health Association and the Thomas Keats Organization

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They say that struggle produces strength and character, it’s never easy but if we have the right perspective we can turn a negative into a positive. That’s exactly what FHS student Rachelle Robichaud did when she turned her difficult experience with mental health into a small business that gives hope and determination to others who may be struggling.

“I was hospitalized in the fall and I was on suicide watch. It was a really tough time but I had family and friends to help get me through it and this (Daisies for Determination) was a positive outcome that came out of it. I’m not glad that it happened but I’m not ashamed that it happened either.” Said Rachelle about her experience. With very wise and brave words she encompasses what many still struggle to talk about. Shame is often times one of the road blocks that stops people from getting help but Rachelle wants them to know there is nothing to be ashamed about, “Everyone has to deal with mental health and physical health, they are both similar things and I think they should be talked about openly. Physical health is just the same as mental health.” 

Her bracelets are already being sold to many people around the city helping to break the stigma. One of the people who has benefited from wearing a bracelet is Rachelle’s close friend Sammie Butt who says just wearing it daily changes her whole self image, “It’s really hard to go through things when you don’t really feel like you have people there for you. I wear it every single day, putting it on every day and walking out and being proud of who I am, your posture changes.” 


Pictured above is Rachelle on the left helping her friends pick out bracelets. Each one represents a different Mental Health struggle that people may face. 

Rachelle has created many different colours for her bracelets and they all represent something, from ADHD, OCD, self harm, domestic abuse and many more, a large portion of the profits go to the Canadian Mental Health Association for which she has already raised over $200.00. She also has ones specifically for suicide awareness and a portion of those profits go to the Thomas Keats Organization.

Here Rachelle displays one of her bracelets 


Rachelle has been able to help shine a little light into a situation that still carries much more stigma than it should but things are changing for the better thanks to people like her. She would encourage others to use their own creativity to help bring about positive change, “Every little bit counts, it takes one person to start something. Even taking the step towards making the difference is something to be proud of.” Said Rachelle.

When asked if there was anything else she wanted to share Rachelle simple wanted to give hope to others that may be experiencing the difficulty of Mental Illness, “If anyone is having a hard time right now, talk to a family member or a friend. Try to stay as positive as possible and keep going.”

To purchase your own bracelet or to learn more about Daisies for Determination check out Daisies for Determination


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