Chefs Compete For Top Spot at The Delta Fredericton!

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Corey Cheek director of sales and marketing at the Delta Fredericton talked to us recently about their pop up restaurant competition created to try something fun and to put local teams of chefs to the test.

If you want to encourage creativity in the culinary field, sometimes the best way to do it is to hold a competition. The Delta Fredericton has eleven red seal certified chefs and recently the sales and marketing manager Corey Cheek along with some of the staff came up with a way to bring new tastes to local foodies as well as get their staff thinking outside the box. The idea was to have teams come up with their own custom restaurant, menus and overall style. They called this The Pop Up Restaurant Challenge. “Each team had to develop their restaurant from scratch. That includes the menu, logo, name and concept as well as what the servers wear. Everything from start to finish and the marketing plan,” explained Corey. 

John Slipp, the Executive Sous-Chef at The Delta is part of Team four with Lisa Riordon Chef De Partie at the Delta. They called their restaurant Fused and are currently open 5-9 until Weds of this week. “Our red seal chefs were divided into four teams and each were giving the opportunity to run a restaurant for two weeks,” Said Slipp. It wasn’t an easy process for the teams either. It took a lot of work to get the restaurants up and running.“Me and John worked probably over 30 hours on developing the menu, going back and forth with different concepts and different ideas,”  said Riordon about their restaurant Fused.

They eventually settled on a concept that would combine French cuisine and Asian elements. “We are a fusion restaurant. We took some classic french cuisine and added some asian elements to it and came up with some inspired new dishes, “ Said Slipp.

Each team has had the chance to be open for two weeks and at the end of about 2 months, which is just about up, the profits of each team will decide the winner. Corey has been impressed so far with the response from the locals and the talent of the competitors. “The foodies in fredericton came out strong. It’s a tight game too, every restaurant is pretty close. The winning restaurant, the restaurant that generated the most revenue will be announced after this one (Fuse) finishes. They will get to open up their restaurant for the entire month of November so everyone can come if they missed it or want to come again and try the winning restaurant,” explained Cheek.

Part of the idea was to have people who may not typically try the Delta come out for a fun experience. Riordon was pleased with the results and hopes this is the beginning of more similar events, “Through out the whole process everybody has done really well, lots of locals coming in, lots of family and friends that don’t usually get out.”

“The response has been overwhelmingly fantastic, people are really excited and think it’s fun and interesting,” said slipp about  the public’s reaction the the pop up restaurants.

The competition is winding down now but you still have time to check out the final team of Slipp and Riordon with their restaurant Fused!

For more info and upcoming events check out the Delta Fredericton on Facebook – DeltaFredericton



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