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Surface Designer Dee Wilkie helps position one of her garments on model Ashley Shaw at a shoot with photographer Nathanael Patriquin over the weekend at Killarney Lake.

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If you have the pleasure of meeting Dee Wilkie, you notice a few things about her right away. She has a contagious energy that seems to emit to all those around her, her passion for what she does is inspiring and her love of art and creating seems to motivate her in almost everything she does. She is consistently trying to think of new ways to push herself and her art and she’s a great collaborator which has had her team up with some other very creative talented people in the last little while.


Dee, on the right, pictured here with photographer Lance Kenneth Blakney and Wear Your Label co-founder Kayley Reed. photo sourced from UNB article. 

One of those projects had her working with innovators in mental health and fashion, clothing line Wear Your Label  and photographer Lance Kenneth Blakney to show a real, and raw, visual representation of what it is like to battle with mental illness represented in The Bracelet Project. Dee used her talent for hand dying silk to color each piece in a way that represents the emotions and challenges of those suffering from these disorders.

Wilkie is a graduate of the craft college and plans to continue with her work until she has her own line with her garments for sale in proper sizes like small medium and large,  “I want it to be something that people can just go online and order, buy right then and go out and wear a really cute dress with their friends.” 

Her bright, beautiful pieces are so rich in color and seem to have their own personalities. No doubt some of Dee’s vibrant personality rubbing off on her work.

When asked why she does what she does, she explains her love of colors and expressing herself through them, “I’m definitely inspired by colors, I’m a color enthusiast. I love being able to dye things just whatever color I want. Really bright, vivid, high contrast, that’s my thing.” 

We are glad it’s Dee’s thing. Her work has the potential to inspire confidence in those who wear it and if she keeps innovating and pushing her art the way she has been we are sure to see some amazing things from her in the future!

For more on Dee’s work check out Facebook/deewilkie or visit her blog Dee Wilkie The Art Project

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