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We talked to Greg Webber of the band Kill Chicago recently about being a band in Fredericton and their upcoming video for the song “Take the city” a song about Greg’s experience in Montreal during the student debt protests. 

Making a go of it musically is notoriously hard. To build a fan base, write all original songs as well as touring around to different cities with little money and sometimes no place to sleep. But Greg loves music in fact when he’s not on stage with the band, he’s teaching music at George St Middle School. Kill Chicago isn’t his first band either, he’s played in plenty. He toured North America with the band Bucket Truck, he’s played shows all over but he loves the east coast and his home in Fredericton.

Greg took a small break from playing in bands when he went to school at McGill University in Montreal. It’s there that he witnessed the student protests.  “It made an impact on me because Quebecers know how to fight for things.” Said Webber. It’s this idea of fighting for things that Greg brings to the song “Take The City” off their first album  “The Grey” and that bled into the concept for the video. Jessica Hughes, an extra in the video and someone who has dealt with student debt, says the video shows a bit of what it’s like on the east coast living as a student, “Kill Chicago really wanted to convey the message of what it means to grow up on the east coast, to go off to school and accumulate a debt that’s associated with that but then trying to stay here. This music video really highlights that and highlights the issues of what it means to have the debt load that we do.” 

Along with Jessica, the other extras who were all volunteers, were people who related to the concept of the song and showed up after the band put out a call on social media to those who wanted to share their stories. The concept was that the volunteers would be shot against a white wall, with their debt amount written beside them. Greg hopes that this type of video will get people talking about the issue. “I would be okay with being known as a band that tries to bring up some of these ideas. If a couple people talk about it over a beer because they heard us play then great.” 

The video should be completed in the next couple months. While you are waiting we recommend heading to Backstreet Records or Second Spin Records and picking up their album on vinyl.

Along with Greg, in the band are; Matt Bowie on bass, Dillon Anthony on keys/guitar and  Zach Atkinson on drums. Zach and Greg go way back. They shared the stage together in their first band Dionisus which had it’s share of successes, they played the east coast music awards and were featured on Much Music’s Going Coastal segment.



Greg pictured here, with Zach to his left and Dillon to the right, on one of the shoot days for the video.


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