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Could Craft Breweries have a positive impact on New Brunswick? That’s the question Alex Vietinghoff and Shauna Chase are asking in their documentary Beerocracy slated for release later this year.

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If you live in New Brunswick or have visited lately, you are bound to have noticed the increase in craft breweries with in the last few years. Sparked by the success of companies like Picaroons, there has been an influx of others following suit with their very own craft products. Meads, ciders and beers are all being created locally by different companies and enjoyed province wide, but could this be more than a trend?

The idea started off as just a desire to document the different breweries around the province but quickly evolved for Alex and Shauna, the two person team behind the documentary. They have already logged more than 200 hours each to this project. When they started to see this was beyond just a simple tour of the breweries, they realized they could showcase the opportunity to drive tourism to the province.

People visiting New Brunswick could book a province wide brewery tour, get to know the makers of these diverse beverages personally and see the beautiful landscape all at the same time. It also encourages buying local and community involvement.

This project is the first feature doc for the duo and just the beginning in what promises to be a long career in telling stories through the film and video medium.

Alex and Shauna are currently crowd funding on Indiegogo to help cover post production costs and hope to have screenings all around the province when it is completed. If you decide to donate to the cause, they have lots of awesome perks; DVDs, T-Shirts, Beer Mugs, VIP passes to screenings and much much more.

For more information on this project visit

To donate and help them complete the film go to indiegogo/Beerocracy


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