All Female Fire Fighter Team Still Kickin’ Ash!

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Every year firefighters take part in Muscular Dystrophy fundraising, the most familiar being the ladder sit. This year, and for the first time for most local departments, they had a truck pull. This is where teams of 8-10 members pull a loaded fire truck (approx. 35000 lbs) 100 feet while being timed. Pictured below are two teams competing including the “Ash Kickin’ Girls.” 


Deciding to put an all female firefighter team together was a no brainer for some local fire fighters including 5 from Upper Gagetown, 3 from Upper Kingsclear, 1 from Cumberland Bay, and 1 from Nashwaak valley. This was the forming of the team now known as The Ash Kickin’ Girls! After practicing a couple of times, on July 2nd 2016 they headed to Cambridge Narrows Fire Dept for their 50th anniversary to take part in their first pull. That event garnered them some great accomplishments such as the first all female firefighter truck pull team, they were able to pull the truck 100 feet in 20 seconds, they raised the most money for that event at $1132.00 and they placed 3rd overall which got them a special invitation to take part in the MD truck pull in Sussex on Sept. 17th 2016.

In Sussex they competed against 13 other teams, including Fire Depts, RCMP and Go Train Fitness ( all female).  They were the only All Female Firefighter Team, and later found out they are actually the only one in Atlantic Canada.

After competing against some pretty big Firefighters (men) they placed 11th in the pull and placed 3rd for fundraising  ($2410.00) In total was raised and $3600 for the two pulls combined. 

The feedback on their Ash Kickin Girls Fan page has been amazing, so much so that they have decided to carry on with this as a yearly event. After starting out thinking this would be a one time thing it has quickly evolved into so much more than that. They are already preplanning ideas for fundraising for next year.

The Ash Kickin’ Girls would like to give a big shout out to their supporters and especially the following:

Upper Gagetown Volunteer Fire Dept

Upper Kingsclear  Volunteer Fire Dept

Nashwaak Valley Volunteer Fire Dept

Sussex Fire Dept

Dan Hamel- . Muscular dystrophy Advisor, National Fire Fighter Relations Committee – New Brunswick and Sussex firefighter

MDC Families

It has also been confirmed by Dan Hamel that the Ash Kickin Girls will be receiving an award for overall fundraiser for 2016 fire truck pull with more than $3600.00.

Keep kickin’ ash girls!!

To find out more about the Ash Kickin’ Girls and to follow their events check them out on

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  1. The ash Kick’in girls have taken on a great cause one that fire fighters have been involved with since 1954 we can make muscles move. A big thank you from myself and those families affected by muscular dystrophy. I cannot wait till next year.

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