Across Canada and Back, Fast Eddy’s story

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We caught up with Edward Dostaler AKA Fast Eddy in Fredericton. He won’t be here long as he leaves tomorrow to continue his cross Canada run to raise money for Breast cancer and alzheimers. 


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Edward Dostaler claims to be just your average Joe, an average Joe who just happens to be running from one end of Canada to the other and then turning around and running back. He certainly isn’t average by our standards, but his message is that average is a mind set, that anyone can do anything they really work at and believe in.

He truly wants to inspire people to take steps towards action and not just talk, he says that he loves talking to children and helping them see, through what he is doing, that achieving difficult goals is possible.

The most challenging thing to the journey so far has been loneliness which he tries to combat by listening to music and staying active on social media. Aside from loneliness there is one problem to his trip he hasn’t quite figured out, he will be running in the winter and isn’t sure how to keep his water from freezing.

Edward “Fast Eddy” says he has seen so many acts of kindness so far on his journey, it helps him realize how amazing Canada is and he wants to convey that message as well.

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