A little “Pawsitivity” goes a long way!

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Jessie Yerxa, real estate professional with Exit Realty, delivers the first check from a “Pawsitive Property” to Karen McGeean, head of marketing and development at the Fredericton SPCA.

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“I want people to know it comes from the heart. It’s something that should make everyone feel positive, you’re helping an animal that otherwise couldn’t help itself.” Jessie Yerxa, founder of “Pawsitive Property.”

Mixing passion with profession isn’t something everyone has a chance to do. We tend to separate the two, work from love, but once in a while someone finds a way to add their passion to their career. When that happens, we often see those people make a difference in their communities. Jessie Yerxa is no exception.

For Jessie, animals have always been her passion. Not simply wanting to be around them. Jessie’s is a deep love for all creatures, from insects to dogs and cats. Like most people, Jessie has pets of her own but her love for all creatures big and small drives her to want to take action for animals that can’t help themselves. “The SPCA animals for example, they were put through an experience in their lives that they can’t get out of, they can’t pull themselves out of that. I guess that’s where my heart lies, trying to give them something that they could never give themselves.” Said Jessie.

That’s exactly what Jessie has done. Through her career at Exit Realty, she has taken her job of selling homes and mixed it with her passion to help animals and created what she calls a “Pawsitive Property.”  “The idea is, every single home that my people buy of my listing, they’re also going to be the cause of a one hundred dollar donation from me to the SPCA.” Said Jessie about the new campaign, which has already generated a lot of interest from the community and across social media.

It’s also already seen a donation made to the Fredericton SPCA. “Today was an awesome day!” said Karen McGeean, head of marketing and development at the Fredericton SPCA. “Jessie Yerxa donated two hundred dollars for the two properties that they sold. This is the first of many to come! Thank you to Jessie and the team, we really appreciate it!”

The Joy on the faces of those at the SPCA while receiving the check from Jessie was contagious. There were lots of hugs and not many dry eyes as everyone talked about how appreciated the donation was. “Because we are 100% donation based and we have all the needs and costs of running a business, having continuous support such as Jessie’s program is instrumental in allowing us to be able to know there’s money coming in so we can purchase things.” Said Karen.

She went on to say that the SPCA can always use more support from the community. One hundred dollars can feed ten animals per day and there are always many cute little mouths to feed. Helping out isn’t always financial though, sometimes it can be as simple as showing up to walk a dog.

While being at the SPCA, it’s difficult not to become emotional as most of the animals have been either abused or neglected but it’s so reassuring to see the loving volunteers that now groom them, talk to them and try to nurse them back to wellness. “They’re volunteers, they put in their own time and it’s solely to help those animals.” Said Jessie about the amazing work the volunteers at the SPCA do.

What Jessie has done with her passion and work as a real estate professional is very encouraging and hopefully inspirational to others who may want to mix their passion with their work and make the world more “Pawsitive.” As Jessie says, “The more positive energy and positive vibes you put out, the more you’re going to receive. It gives you purpose in what you’re doing.”

This is just the beginning for Jessie and certainly just the beginning of the positive impact she will have on the community. She encourages anyone who shares in her passion and would like to have their home listed as a Pawsitive Property to call her any time at (506) 260-2420.

German philosopher Immanuel Kant so wisely said, “We can judge the heart of a man by his treatment of animals.” Let’s be a community that shows how big it’s heart is by how well we treat our animals!


If you would like to get involved at the Fredericton SPCA you can call them at (506) 459-1555 or email them at info@frederictonspca.ca

 Watch Jessie Deliver the check to the SPCA below!

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